The FAQ On TV Aerial Repairs

You can hardly find any residence that does not have at least one TV. The television is still one of the main sources of news, current affairs, as well as entertainment for majority of the population in Aylesbury and pretty much all over the world. However, when reception problems start hounding the consumer, there are several questions that pop into their minds, and here, we have attempted to document these common questions from the residents of Aylesbury

Better reception

For instance, asking if can they get a better reception from the TV Aerials, there may be some options to look at including:

  • The position of the TV aerial
  • Bad weather
  • Loose connections

There are some instances when the TV aerial may need to be refocused, especially when it gets knocked down due to bad weather. However, there are instances when professional repairs like TV Aerial Repairs Aylesbury would be the best to diagnose the problem.

Missing channels

Sometimes, when water gets to the TV aerial or its so-called Co axial table, it can knock out groups of channels or pretty much all the channels depending on the damage. The professional repairs man can assess if this will entail replacing the unit, but you can check it yourself as well.

Pixelated pictures

If your TV aerial is giving our poor quality pictures such as a pixelated graphic, it is the TV aerial that needs to be inspected. As an aerial problem, this can be caused by a weak signal or 4G LTE mobile phone unless the TV Aerial Repairs would diagnose otherwise.

Breaking up TV picture

Along with pixelated pictures TV aerials can also have pictures that are breaking up. If this happens in a bad weather or storm, then the satellite dish may have changed its orientation or an obstruction such as a fallen tree may have blocked the signals. In this case, wait for the weather to clear out and take out the debris or have some professional repairs man work on the dish.