The Significance Of Mood Ring Colors

Is there anything to back up the changes in mood ring colors? Do you think it’s real? Or do you simply enjoy how the colors can change randomly? Whatever your belief is with the reason of the changing colors, one thing is for sure, and that is, that mood rings are very fun to have. There were actual mood rings before that were not the usual plastic merchandise that most ids have bought in flea markets, it is interesting to know that they were actual jewelry and that there are cheaper versions just to let more people experience how mood rings work.

Do The Colors Ever Mean Anything?
You can actually find charts when it comes to mood ring colors and they offer to give you the meanings of each color in the ring. Basically, some of the colors that can come out are believed to have the following meanings:

  • Amber is for cool, nervous and unhappy
  • Blue is for relaxed, active, and charged
  • Black is for nervous or tense
  • Green is for calm and average
  • Gray is for anxious and strained
  • Violet is for happy, passionate, and excited

It is believed that the warmest temperature that the ring can read is purple or violet then the coolest temperature would be that of gray or black.

Knowing How Mood Rings Work Their Magic
Mood rings have liquids inside them that change in color depending on the change of temperature around them. It is said that the amount of blood that actually reaches your skin will depend on the mood that you have and the temperature of the environment that you’re in. Mood rings also use various thermochromic pigments which means that there can be pigments that will tend to work with different temperature ranges. This is why not all mood rings can display the same color when you are in a specific mood.