Do Doctors Prescribe Cannabis Oil?

Due to the banning of medical and recreational marijuana in many countries, a lot of people are being skeptical about the benefits of its use in treating specific diseases. Sometimes, even prescriptions are being doubted. This is true for many countries whose laws prevent the people from use and access of both medical and recreational marijuana. There are many countries like Canada who just legalized the use of this psychoactive drug so it is normal that people will start to ask questions especially with the fact that the plant has just been recently legalized.

A lot of doctors in many countries recommend the use of cannabis oil for the treatment of Parkinson’s and epilepsy. It has been proven that the oil is a good remedy for the loss of muscle coordination I the body. Some institutions even use cannabis oil as a replacement for morphine. Recent studies show that this oil is a good pain killer and is much less expensive compared to morphine. Besides, morphine has a more addictive content compared to recreational marijuana. There are also some claims that this oil can help treat cancer. Although this is yet to be prove, we are on the positive track.

The Market
In countries where these things are legal, a prescription is not needed anymore. However, in countries where medical marijuana is the only option, government suppliers are the only ones who have the license to sell them, especially the ones with the psychoactive compound. The problem is bigger in countries where even medical marijuana is not allowed. This is because no doctor would prescribe it, and there are no sellers due to legal implications. One of the best ways to get them is by going abroad since shipping is also not allowed. If you can find local products in stores, make sure to ask some questions first.this will save you a lot of time.

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